hey, i’m tracey!


If you’re contemplating a divorce or even further along in your journey, you have undoubtedly asked yourself some, if not all, of these questions:

  • “Where do I start?”
  • “Is litigation the only way to accomplish my objectives in order to get a divorce?
  • “Can someone just tell me what all of this legalese really means?”
  • “I’m really worried about the impact my divorce will have on my children – how can I help them?”
  • “Does getting a divorce equal going broke?”
  • “How do I move forward after my divorce?”

If any of these questions sound familiar – then you’re in the RIGHT place!

The Divorce Chronicles Podcast is a forum for smart, insightful & honest conversation for anyone who is considering or in the midst of a divorce.

Let me properly introduce myself… I’m Tracey Coates, a practicing attorney in the Washington, D.C. and Maryland areas.  For nearly 15 years, I’ve represented clients in all aspects of family law including divorce, spousal and child support, marital property valuation and division, prenuptial, postnuptial and marital settlement agreements, adoption and guardianship.

When I’m not practicing law, I can be found hanging out with my family, whether cheering on my son at one of his many basketball or soccer games, watching my daughter plie or twirl around in her tutu during dance class, or trying to sneak in date-night with my husband.  And when things get a little crazy (or not ?) I can always be found at some point during the week (and weekends – don’t judge me!) in my happy place wandering the aisles of Target!!!