I would take a guess to say that there isn’t one person out there who hasn’t on some level experienced significant change over the past 12 months. 

One thing that has probably changed is the way that we take care of ourselves and the subtle ways that we boost our confidence and feel good in our own skin.

In today’s episode, I’m bringing both the fun and the informative!

Misha Lewis is passionate about wellness, clean beauty, and skincare. In her downtime, she moonlights as a sleep literacy advocate! 

Misha has over 15 years of experience doing hair and makeup in broadcast media.  Some of the outlets include CNN, PBS and Aljazeera.  Most recently she’s added personal styling to her franchise of services, embracing effortless style!  

Misha teaches her clients what’s best for their skincare, makeup, and how to be ready when they walk out the door.

Misha has worked with high-profile talent and political figures during her career giving her a unique perspective and a way to connect with women everywhere.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Simple ways to prep your skincare and makeup for any situation
  • How Misha helps clients create capsule wardrobes
  • Creating a healthy sleep routine that ushers in the evening
  • How Misha stays present with her family after work 

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