As we go through life’s journey, we develop and nourish so many of our relationships—relationships with family and friends and, of course, significant others. 

We pour time, energy, and resources into these relationships.

But there’s another relationship that can have such a significant impact on our daily lives and can absolutely have a lasting effect if we don’t nurture it and give it the time and attention it deserves…. 

And that is the relationship we have with our finances. 

As so many of you know, at some point and time in our romantic relationships, the issue of finances is an issue. I don’t have to remind you that finances can be one of the major stresses in a relationship that some couples are able to overcome while others are paralyzed and torn apart.  

So what kind of things can a couple do to minimize financial stressors in a relationship?

Well, you’re in for a treat my friends because joining me on the podcast today is Jacquette Timmons. 

"I believe we need to have an abundant mindset in terms of possibilities. But I'm also very real. You have what you have today and you've got to make decisions about what you have today." - Jacquette Timmons

One of the unique approaches to finances that Jacquette focuses on is the human side of money. Jacquette works as a financial behaviorist and is committed to getting you to see that you don’t manage money—you manage your choices around money. 

In addition to being an author and frequent blogger, Jacquette is also the creator of The Comfort Circle™ – a dinner series, where she hosts discussions about money, business and life over food and wine – and the Pricing Made Human™ masterclass

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • The emotional and behavioral blocks that people have when dealing with money
  • Why money is one of the longest-standing relationships you will have—and the mindset, emotional and practical influences it has on your life
  • How money is a communication tool and why it should be talked about outside of big decisions in your relationship
  • Why being vulnerable and transparent is essential to a healthy relationship between your partner and your money

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