Introduction to The Divorce Chronicles with Tracey Coates, Esquire

Welcome to The Divorce Chronicles a forum for practical and insightful information for everyone at every stage of the divorce process. I’m your host Tracey Coates. In this first episode, I would like to introduce myself and share my goals and intentions for this podcast.

I have been a practicing family law attorney for 15 years in the Maryland and DC area. Over the years, people contemplating divorce have often asked me where they should start. Divorce is an emotional roller coaster and adding in complex legal issues makes it even more challenging. My goal with this show is to share straightforward simple explanations without all of the legalese.

Show Notes:
[32] I’ve been practicing as a family law attorney for 15 years in the Maryland and DC area.
[42] Over the years, people contemplating divorce have asked me where should they start. This podcast is a passion project culminating my years of experience.
[01:10] Divorce is an emotional roller coaster, adding in the sometimes confusing and complex legal process makes it even worse.
[01:47] I am going to provide simple straightforward information about the divorce process to you the listener.
[02:04] I’m going to provide the forum for everyone to be an active and engaged participant in their own divorce proceedings.
[02:15] I’ll provide you with legal information, professionals that you may encounter along the journey, and we’ll explore a variety of issues including custody, alimony, and financial issues that may come up.
[02:30] We’ll also talk about international law and the impact the divorce may have on your real property.
[02:55] The podcast will mostly be presented in an interview format. It’s important to me that people going through divorce are exposed to a wealth of information.
[03:05] We are not a platform offering legal advice in any way shape or form. We are also not a substitute for seeking advice of a professional attorney in your area who knows and understands your specific situation.
[03:21] Welcome! I am so excited to share a wealth of information offered in my upcoming episodes.
[03:31] My pre-divorce checklist.
[03:45] This checklist is a good starting point to think about areas in your life that will assist you down the road in your divorce process.

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Download the Pre-Divorce Checklist