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Show Notes:

[02:50] I welcome Kongit to the show and she shares who she is and the nature of her work.

[03:45] Kongit’s background and training which qualifies her for her work and who is her clientele?

[06:45] What is couple’s therapy in Kongit’s counseling center?

[10:50] Kongit sees individuals and couples, but she can’t see you as a couple if you come to her as an individual.

[13:07] She describes the biology behind a couples relationship.

[16:13] How relationship dynamics change when you have children.

[19:41] Be honest and clear with yourself and your partner on your vision and quality of relationship which you want.

[21:23] Relationships need clarification, skill building and cultivation to work.

[23:49] One person is usually a bit more emotionally evolved than the other partner.

[27:54] Once one partner becomes emotional, you are no longer problem-solving.

[28:31] Issues that are being presented with couples in crisis.

[30:12] Differences between not having relationship skills and not knowing there is a problem in the relationship.

[32:10] Time involved in therapy and how Kongit approaches how much time she spends with her clients.

[33:45] How race and background play a role in relationships.

[35:31] Can you see Kongit if you live outside of LA?

[36:39] Kongit gives her words of advice to couples who are thinking about divorce.

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