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Show Notes:

[03:05] Who is Kelly and what does she do?

[04:01] Who does Kelly work with and what does her tribe look like?

[05:45] Kelly talks about her mastermind which is open several times a year.

[06:18] What are the benefits of a mastermind and why would someone want to be a part of this type of community?

[08:41] Kelly speaks about roadblocks and how they can make us move backwards.

[09:54] Kelly’s journey to how she arrived at being a health coach.

[11:31] When she realized she wanted to assist other women with achieving their goals.

[13:25] She wasn’t happy with work or life, she just worked for herself.

[15:45] Kelly decides to leave her second husband shortly after launching her business.

[17:01] Kelly offers tips on how to get yourself in a better mindset.

[17:52] Self-judgement and conflict within her own mind.

[21:08] When is it a ‘failure to stay?’

[22:23] How Kelly baby-stepped her way into her new business.

[23:24] Surround yourself with specific people to support you in your life.

[26:24] Looking back, is there anything Kelly would change about her life?

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