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Show Notes:

[04:18] I introduce Jennifer and welcome her to the show.

[05:30] Locations in which Jennifer has her license to practice law.

[07:08] Cases Jennifer refers out to other attorneys and types of adoption cases she takes in her practice.

[07:52] Issues which arise when international adoption and divorce happen to a family.

[10:17] The steps of international adoption and citizenship of the child.

[11:35] What happens when the parents do not realize their child enters the US without being a US Citizen.

[15:18] Different types of VISAS and how they affect the internationally adopted child’s citizenship.

[16:20] Steps you must go through in order to change a child’s DOB after adoption.

[18:14] Process of divorce when you have adopted a child domestically within the US.

[20:34] When does the post-adoption process take place?

[22:49] Flexible visitation rights for the parent who is giving up their child for adoption.

[29:35] Cases where women freeze their embryos for implantation later in life, but go through a divorce before the embryos are implanted.

[36:20] Which parent usually wants to keep the embryos after divorce?

[40:40] Does the divorce agreement have to include detailed information about the embryos?

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