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Show Notes:

[05:35] I welcome Sara to the show and she shares her background and how she created her product.

[06:03] Sara gives the story about her background with her divorce and cancer diagnosis.

[10:05] The importance of her parent’s support when going through her divorce.

[15:05] Sara’s first iteration of her calendar which magnetized to refrigerator door.

[19:17] Sara finds out her mom has cancer and she gets herself screened for cancer.

[23:01] She found books about talking to children about breast cancer, however; she felt that they dumbed down what cancer is and decided to create her own children’s books.

[23:34] How Sara explained to her daughter what cancer is in her body.

[26:35] How Sara’s daughter handled the news her mom gave her about having cancer.

[28:10] Sara describes what you can find out in her book, Cancer Party.

[29:20] How she incorporated the information in her book into her magnetic calendars.

[35:00] Sara talks about her two upcoming books on divorce and cancer.

[38:35] Sara’s calendars reflect the diverse types of families today.

[39:45] Her aim with her book was to cover all races and for the book to be ethnically diverse.

[41:10] Sara gives her words of wisdom based on her experiences of divorce and cancer.

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