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Show Notes:

[01:52] Who is Karen and what does she do?

[02:40] Karen’s background and how she tried to reconcile her own parents.

[03:57] Karen’s personal relationship boundaries and marriage expectations.

[05:18] What does Liza’s concierge encompass for her clients?

[06:01] Liza works in her area in Washington DC and remotely with clients around the US.

[06:47] Liza’s clientele and the types of needs in which she assists her clients.

[07:54] How Liza can assist a person post-divorce with financial information.

[14:15] Long-term solutions most people don’t think about and how Liza assists stay-at-home moms with the divorce transition.

[16:19] Liza works with real estate agents and financial advisors about staying in your home or leaving your home to relocating through to another place.

[17:32] More of Liza’s resources for her clients, including painting for her clients!

[19:07] Legal recommendations after divorce in regards to estate planning and money.

[20:34] Liza can act as an intermediary for her clients and give relief for her clients in the form of researching their best options and give her clients reliable information.

[22:52] Liza’s story about her divorce and health insurance companies.

[24:43] How Liza came up with a solution, which she then turned into her service.

[26:23] What’s the “right” decision after a divorce.

[27:29] Packages and what she offers her clients.

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