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Show Notes:

[03:57] The realism of divorce and the emotional toll that comes with divorce.

[04:82] How emotions get in the way of making good legal choices when you are stuck in emotional turmoil.

[06:37] Letting emotions get in the way of making decisions about your children.

[08:34] Advocating for clients and giving them a reality check to make sure the client understands the process.

[10:43] Looking at the facts and law when creating your divorce decree.

[11:54] The cost and process of litigating a custody case.

[15:32] Kate’s emotional attachment to her home and why you shouldn’t fight for your house.

[17:75] Considerations when budgeting for two households instead of one household after divorce.

[19:72] Collaborative divorce as an alternative to litigation.

[21:82] DIY divorce and the loopholes associated with handling your divorce on your own

[23:47] What you need to know before you file for divorce.

[26:42] The list of what’s important to you in your divorce.

[28:47] Meeting people where they are emotionally.

[29:62] Some jurisdictions require a waiting time when you are separated.

[31:37] Choosing how your relationship looks after your divorce.

[34:72] Giving time to catch up with the emotional shock of divorce.

[36:57] Being flexible and not shattering your partner.

[37:42] When a partner could be physical, make sure to have another person present when talking to your spouse

[39:57] Basic checklist of what you will need to consider during your divorce.

[42:32] Do the emotional work to create a better you to not pass on personal trauma to your children and break the cycle.

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