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Show Notes:

[02:00] In 2001, Jai was a senior in college, and his mom practiced family law. His mother’s cousin had just experienced his first Christmas as a divorced parent, and he and his wife had a miscommunication about vacation plans.

[03:16] Jai’s mom asked him if he knew of any technology solutions for this situation.

[03:30] He realized that there was a need and wanted to create a tool for divorced families who are sharing parenting responsibilities.

[03:44] He wrote the business plan for the world’s first co-parenting platform when he was a senior in college. His parents and her cousin and his wife all helped with input, and the company was created.

[04:56] They worked with 40 high-conflict families to refine the process and learn about the process.

[05:26] After two years of using the site, none of the high-conflict families had to go back to court except for one family who stopped using the site.

[06:14] The goal is to help families from having to return to court for things that are easily manageable.

[07:29] Features include a calendar that offers access and documentation that you won’t find in traditional calendar tools.

[08:17] You can create a parenting schedule up to eight weeks with a repeating pattern.

[08:49] You can also have multiple schedules. Both parents have access.

[09:43] Every step is documented. An when changes happen there is a notification.

[10:41] There is also a message board. It’s only family communication and everything is documented even when the messages are read.

[11:50] Children get access on a limited schedule.

[12:36] There is a tool to keep track of expenses. Payments can also be made directly through the system.

[15:03] This is a desktop software and a mobile app.

[16:12] With the calendar you can’t delete events, and there is a journal function and users can choose who sees the information.

[17:24] There is a tone meter that interprets the emotion of the users input. It helps people to not say things that will set off the other parent. It is similar to AI.

[20:04] It allows users to pause and take a breath before sending the message.

[21:38] There is a trade swap feature to adjust scheduling.

[22:23] The infobank tracks everything from doctors to other needs like clothing sizes.

[24:08] Having all of the information out there, the less control and manipulation happens.

[25:02] You can also upload pictures, reports, etc. This stuff would go in my files.

[26:13] You can grant professionals different levels of access. The records are really helpful with court cases. There is also easy PDF presentations that can be printed out.

[28:18] Verified documents are also available.

[29:12] Professionals can upload documents, but the options are shared or private.

[30:28] When a parent signs up they contact the other parent to get them set up and connected.

[30:59] It’s $99 a year for each parent. Veterans get a buy one get one free discount.

[31:38] There is also a fee waiver program if you qualify for a court’s fee waiver.

[32:48] It doesn’t have to be court ordered to use the site.

[33:52] Go to the website and signup, then you can use the app for free.

[34:49] If you have questions reach out to support and talk to someone.

[35:15] This tool can be implemented anytime through the divorce process.

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