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Show Notes:

[01:52] Who is Karen and what does she do?

[02:40] Karen’s background and how she tried to reconcile her own parents.

[03:57] Karen’s personal relationship boundaries and marriage expectations.

[05:12] Working with clients which come from a broken relationship.

[07:34] Figure out your identity, who you are and being OK with yourself.

[09:37] Features of a co-dependent or needy relationship.

[12:16] How to prioritize what to work on for yourself after a divorce.

[12:59] Common struggles for women of different age groups in relationship to a divorce.

[15:09] Pivotal moments for children experiencing divorce.

[18:10] Putting boundaries on children, productive time and time to enjoy life.

[21:35] Planning for “me” time.

[24:12] Scheduling related to productive time management.

[27:34] The work life balance: how much of your personal life should you sacrifice for work life?

[29:39] Prioritizing your time, especially in time of family crisis.

[31:14] Boundaries, compromise and your principles.

[33:24] Integrating your life and where you spend your time on a daily basis.

[36:15] Using your own parents as a model for your relationship.

[41:45] How Karen works with clients.

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