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Show Notes:

[01:55] Today we are discussing the power of forgiveness.

[04:00] Regina shares her background as a divorce attorney.

[05:19] How Regina started talking about forgiveness in her role as a relationship expert.

[05:55] Regina speaks about the search for her father who she never knew.

[08:09] Her father disarmed her anger by telling her he was sorry for not being there for her.

[09:44] Regina explains what forgiveness is and what forgiveness is not.

[11:09] Does vulnerability play a role in forgiveness?

[12:00] Regina explains the fallout of being consumed by anger.

[12:43] Key components of forgiveness – what we should be mindful about.

[14:01] Many of Regina’s family members kept her father a secret.

[15:13] Topics which Regina spoke about with her therapist for the eight years she was working through her family issues.

[16:22] Three key steps to work through when moving through the process of forgiveness. 

[19:03] Intent is important when you talk to the people who have hurt you.

[22:04] Options which are available and finding a workable solution for you to do.

[22:50] The opposite of love is not hate, it’s apathy.

[24:50] Regina shares examples and practices of how she was able to release her negativity.

[27:39] Advice Regina shares about what you can do when you are dealing with the struggles of ongoing forgiveness.

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